Why use Alma?

Where are we at with this client? Do we need to do anything?

A project in TASK is an easy, organised way to keep track and follow the pending assignments and responsibilities of each and every client.

We got a new client. How should we let everyone know?

Simply post it on the newsfeed-HUB of Alma! Let everyone on your team know the good news and congratulate them. In this way, everyone will be up to date on all news of the business.

What are the objectives and goals of our business?

You can go to WIKI and look for them, or simply use Alma regularly as a tool to always keep the employees on their feet through posts in IDEAS so everyone knows the challenges and future goals of the organisation. Also, with TASKS, projects and assignments are visual so everyone can be aligned.

Who has the vacation request form? And the accountability forms?

If you’re tired of wasting time sending and responding to emails regarding the same document, get used to the easy access of essentially everything you need, in WIKI. There, post all necessary documents at one time, and don’t waste any more time waiting for others to send you what you need.

Who is Thomas Lorkowitz?

Good with faces, but not with names? With PEOPLE of Alma, you can find anyone who works in your business, just by searching for a name. It’s that easy to avoid that awkward moment when you realise you have no idea who Thomas is.

Who has the corporate presentation?

No one ever has the updated version and every client has a different one… Keep that last version always in WIKI, for better coordination and marketing.

How can we improve our customer service?

Ask everyone! With IDEAS you can suggest some challenges and solutions, and invite everyone in your business to comment and build upon them. In this way everyone can brainstorm and resolve problems together.

What can we do to lower our spendings?

Just like the previous example, use IDEAS to suggest an proposal! So everyone can dedicate themselves to the cause and share different perspectives. The challenges and ideas can be about anything: think about new products or sales techniques that could be beneficial to the company.

Who knows something about Digital Marketing?

Even if no one is dedicated to this specific topic, it is probable that at least someone knows something about it- they may have had a past job in marketing. With PEOPLE, find the right person you need by simply using the search bar to look for certain skills or hobbies.

How to I tell everyone in my business that we have a new employee?

Simply post a photo with a welcome message on Alma’s main newsfeed- HUB and let everyone know about the new addition to the company. In this way, everyone will “be the first to know” and be able to comment and welcome the new employee.

How do we teach a new employee about our organisation?

In WIKI you can store all of the company information, organised in categories, from strategies and organisation charts, to protocols and important projects. After, with TRIVIA, the new employee can test their new knowledge by playing games like Who Wants To Be a Millionaire. Train by playing!

I have an idea… Who should I tell?

Everyone! Ideas evolve when they are discussed, thats why the IDEAS application is there for you. In this way, everyone can comment and vote.

Estás son solo algunas ideas y soluciones, pero las posibilidades son infinitas!

Alma is there to resolve unique solutions for your business. Let us know some of your company problems, and we can let you know how Alma can help.

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