Wiki: knowledge base

A private wikipedia for your company, is a simple solution for knowledge management

Knowledge management made easy

Everything you need to know in one place. Wiki is a collaborative knowledge base just like wikipedia.


Articles just like in wikipedia, but only for your company

Articles with text, images, videos and documents that can be accessed or edited by those with permissions.


Segmented Content

Articles inside your company that could be targeted to everyone or only a few.

Collaborative Knowledge

Asign different roles in your organization, so some people can edit and others only view

Easy to Use

Fewer and bigger buttons make everything simpler


If there is an article that is important to you, just start following it and you will receive notifications.

Knowledge over information, in one place

Your server might have millions of unfindable files. Here, you have fewer but better organized articles for everyone.

Everything organized and categorized

Save time by having your documents organized by area, category, location, or organization.

Flexible taxonomy

Create different categories as you wish. This, plus your company departments and locations, will help you have everything in order.

Link articles and make them dependant.

Articles can be linked to others articles, establishing a hierarchy of knowledge