Trivia: a game to learn and test

Gamification that facilitates learning to keep your company aligned in the same spirit

Play in the style of "who wants to be a millionaire?"

Quick questions and answers let you test if everyone is on the same page. If they are wrong, they will be shown the right answer and learn :)


Set up a new game in only a few minutes!

Simple templates will let you fill the answers and questions, so you can train everyone whenever you want.


Learn by playing

Learning can be quick and simple via an interactive game.

Play online

From your desk, you can advance through the different phases of the game.

Repeat the game

Didn’t get the score you wanted? Simply play again. Administrators can configure the number of repeats allowed from one to unlimited.

Unlimited games

You can activate unlimited games with different focuses.

Create incentives

The game features different levels until you reach a 100% rating. At each level, you can add a participation incentive as determined by the organization.

Wild cards

Don’t know the answer? You have three wild card lifelines to help: “50/50,” “ask the audience,” and “pass.”


TRIVIA makes the retraining process easier. Simply reactivate the game for the user and have him or her play again.

Real time statistics

Periodically review the game results to monitor your collaborators’ progress.