Tasks: simple project manager

Soulful organizations are built on performance, so we need a single common ground to coordinate

Easy-to-use task manager for everyone in your organization

Turn agreements into action and visualize people’s goals, organizing your team and your company.


Personal and collaborative

Create or assign tasks to your team so everyone is connected and up-to-date.

Task progress

Be notified of all changes. You can view the conversation history with questions, date changes, and updates.

List of projects and subprojects

Tasks can be grouped into projects and subprojects to keep everything in order.

Effective follow up with simple task list and conversations

Filter them by project, due date, priority, state, tags, who has assigned them or who is charge.



Talk with your team regarding important milestones, answer questions and motivate them in order to ensure the task’s timely completion.


An overall vision of your team's or project's performance, based on clear and simple KPIs

Import and export tasks

Coming from the Excel Era? Quickly load everything into tasks and start working