Chat: instant messages to be more efficient

Avoid thousands of e-mails with short and quick response messages

Say it and solve it now!

Communication is all about organizing conversations, some just have to be fast and easy.


Direct Messages

Replace short emails with direct messages

Group Mesaages

If you want to keep everyone in the loop, just "text" to everyone so they can be updated

Project & Team Messages

Chat regarding a specific project or team in a chat group specifically linked to it.


High performance is based on effective communication

More interaction build better relationships and performance. That´s why instant messages are important.


Easy to use

Click the name of your project or person and you are ready to go!

Segmented and secure content

Only the members of a group or a project can see the messages sent to that group.

Stylish design

Light and simple. Bubbles on the right will let you connect at any time.