Ideas: foster innovation!

An ideas manager to encourage improvements within your business.

Challenge your employees and let them be part of the solution

Tackle the company problems with everyone's ideas. A space for the compilation of ideas, their organization and managing them.


Share ideas and watch them grow

Publish your idea so that others can see it, offer improvements, and aid in its development.

Create challenges

The organization can create challenges to focus ideas and direct the strategic focus so that innovation and improvement continues


Once on the platform, your idea can receive positive or negative votes. You can vote for others’ ideas to help make the best option a reality.


Create an innovative culture

Ideas and Challenges is a tool for letting everyone know exactly what problems must be resolved, creating a space to propose and discuss ideas. Decrease the costs, strengthen the client services, or launch a new product. In order for all company employees to be on the same page, there must be active communication and involvement on everyone’s part.



Comment on ideas to help them evolve. In addition, you can add comments on news of the project’s advancement. As you participate, you innovation score improves.

Idea Management

Filter ideas depending on their state, tags, challenges, department or location.

Match ideas with people

Through tags, the platform allows you to match ideas with ideas, and ideas with people, helping you get in touch with the right person for the job.