Newsfeed: everything in one place

It’s the place where you find out what´s happening in your organization

Posts, notifications and updates in one place

When you get into Alma, the first thing you see is a newsfeed that combines everything that´s going on.

alma home screen shot.jpg

Segmented content

Depending each person roles, departments or projects involve, they will see different content.

Easy access

Always have access to every feature with the upper bar and the left side menu

Quick look in 60 seconds!

Scroll up and down and realise what´s happening in your organization

Shortcuts - External Links

Setup shortcuts to go directly to external apps or websites

Social + Productive = Engament

Better adoption is achieved thanks to combining social with work issues in this new intranet

Announcements for company leaders

Highlighted post can be made by the leaders, activating an automatic email

Simply Layout

A familiar look, just like a social network, is better for adoption.

Simple Adminitration

Admins have a dashboard and a simple layout to setup any aspect of the platform

channels screen .jpg