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How to Align Your Company

The odds are that you often hear about SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic & timely) goals and somehow, you've learned that these are the things that can encapsulate success in your company. However, for some reasons you cannot define them; your construction company is still struggling to pop out of the overcrowded industry. Well, it's not game over for your business. Strategic alignment of your enterprise's functionalities, goals, markets and workforce can agglomerate capabilities of hundreds of departments into one single profitable funnel. To successfully do this, note down the following alignment tips for your construction firm.

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A Social Intranet as an alternative to Slack

Social intranet alternative to slack alma suite.jpg

When you are a bigger company, things get more complicated and you need more order. Communication tools like Slack create a smooth, fluid and spontaneous communication channel for small teams within an organizational setup. It is simple, straightforward, and at first glance, it seems it can solve all the email and Skype problems companies have been having for decades.

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Alma Suite Receives the Honored Verified Quality Seal from FinancesOnline


Alma Suite has continued to burgeon by offering quality social networking and communication services to various businesses. Our efforts and work in designing collaboration platforms have not been in vain, and it seems, our efforts captured FinancesOnline attention.

After a through analysis of Alma's SaaS software, FinancesOnline recognized Alma as one of the best companies offering social networking services. In their report, the quality assurance and authentication online firm acknowledged the determination and top drawer business solutions Alma is providing to its clients. Structured and built for a better working environment and seamless flow of information, Alma has been rated with a 95% user satisfaction score. There is no doubt that Mid size companies have benefited in streamlining the way employees and the management interact. We're going to briefly outline some of the things that made FinancesOnline grant Alma Suite the Quality Verification seal.

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