Improve the comunication and
collaboration inside your company.

Connect your clients with
your team to improve B2B
customer service.


Simple application
to work better.

Post, task, profiles, ideas,
news, training and
knowledge management.

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Alma Suite is a simple application to improve communication inside companies and with clients.

A private social network, combined with an easy to use task manager, a private wikipedia and more.

Here are some examples of the daily problems in organizations today.


  1. Poor internal communication and excess of emails.

  2. Unclear visibility in the advance of projects and to-do lists.

  3. Insufficient knowledge management; people leave and knowledge is not passed on.

  4. I don’t personally know my coworkers, nor anyone who can help me with something specific.

  5. Slow, boring, and expensive training.

  6. Low internal alignment and little innovation.

Learn how to Alma can help you

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Tools for Productivity

Alma offers a collaborative work environment for human capital throughout platform integration via a Private Social Intranet. As as result, your company can have it all in just one place.

Home Timeline


A personalized information HUB
complete with messaging, posts, announcements, birthdays and




A collaborative platform for ideas. Work in teams by establishing challenges and ideas to ensure that your company continues to improve.



Everything you need to know in one place. It works in a way conducive to collaborations and sharing documents within the network.



Trivia is a game that facilitates learning and training via a series of fast and well-directed questions regarding each area of your company.



A simple interface allows for the news to spread while still fresh. You can make any piece of news known with just two clicks.

tasks and projects


Assign goals and manage tasks in a collaborative way through all levels of the company. It’s fundamental for the organization of a work team.



The experience of all of your coworkers is just a click away. Whether it be searching for a name, previous work experience, or a specific work skill, you will find the person you are looking for.


Everything in one place

Navigating between different platforms is inefficient and tedious. These days, people aren’t accustomed to waiting for anything, which is why we’ve put everything in one place.

Simple and for everyone

There are plenty of hyper-comprehensive and complex tools. ALMA offers something different. We’ve removed the extraneous buttons and designed a space where EVERYONE can participate and be relevant.

Better designand usability

A user-friendly design combined with an intuitive navigation system make ALMA a tool that doesn’t require a manual and will be easily adopted by users.

A better price

If your team has fewer than 20 people, we have a basic plan that provides all the functions and allows you to strengthen your teamwork. If you have a larger company, we have plans that can be customized to your needs.

They have trusted us

  • "As we know, in a hyper-connected world, what doesn’t get communicated doesn’t exist. For this reason, I recommend that my strategic communication clients incorporate internal communication tools to explain to their collaborators the company’s status and commit them to its goals and policies. To this end, the medium is key, and needs to live up to the standards of 21st century technological tools. With ALMA, we’ve found a platform that allows companies to make a “quantum leap” in terms of efficiency, leaving behind traditional print communication, while establishing horizontal alignment in the bargain, getting closer to people regardless of their professional profile or geographic location, and incorporating a bi-directionality to encourage participation. We believe that this is the future."

    Andrés Sanchez ctor Ejecutivo - Allpress
  • "ALMA has been a tremendous help to our “Ideation” processes related to the development of our products"

    Felipe Chinchon Subgerente Técnico - 3M
  • “Today I receive 80% less e-mails from my supervisors”

    Sebastián Seckel von Unger Gerente General – Abanic
  • “Stop looking for intranets, Alma is the best space to make everyone part of your company. With Alma you can always know what´s going on “

    Mauricio Contreras Gerente de Experiencia – Movistar Arena.

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